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Software development

ALSIC’s software department provides custom solutions, developing software made to specific needs, both as a turn-key project or as part of a project, particularly for Inland Waterways Transport and Supply Chain Management solutions.
We use different Analysis techniques and DevOps Agile strategies for development on various platforms and programming languages.

Together, we choose the most adequate development environment to cover your needs, the existing development and application maintenance in the long term.
One of our key stones to do this is our in house developed ALSIC.Web framework (AWF).

Websites using ALSIC.Web framework (AWF)

Business Intelligence

ALSIC recognized the need for Business Intelligence very early on as added value for sharing and analyzing information within a company.

Companies spend a lot of money on transactional systems to generate valuable information. Often with poor reporting capabilities like spreadsheets, which don’t allow sharing of key information between or inside departments.

We apply the CIF model for data warehouses:

  • Subject-oriented: The data in the data warehouse is organized so that all the data elements relating to the same real-world event or object are linked together.
  • Integrated: The data warehouse contains data from most or all of an organization’s operational systems (different data sources) and these data are made consistent with each other. This is the most important aspect of a data warehouse.
  • Non-volatile: Data in the data warehouse is never over written or deleted. If data changes a historical record is kept in the data warehouse.
  • Time-Variance: Every piece of data in the warehouse has is accurate in particular moment in time. The key structure of the data should always be provided with a time element.

ALSIC provided many different large business intelligence solutions for mainly the following domains:

  • Transport, cargo and traffic
  • Detailed tracing of routes using AIS data
  • Hydro meteo
  • Supply chain management

We like to use the MS SQL Server solution for configuring a complete Business Intelligence solution using integration services (ETL), SQL server (database warehouses) and analysis services to provide additional intelligence.

PowerBI is often used as the reporting tool (as a successor of SQL reporting services). Sometimes we also uses GIS components to provide spatial reports.


AIS Track analysis to indicate the most used routes. This is information is also used to know where e.g. new windmill parks can be placed.

PowerBI – interactive dashboards


Inland Waterway Transport / Supply Chain Management

ALSIC has a team of experts when it comes to RIS Key Technologies and Inland Waterway Transport, to perform studies, software projects and project management.

ALSIC is highly active in several European Working Groups (CESNI/TI), f.e. CESNI/TI/NtS and CESNI/TI/ERI, where our team is involved to modernise these European Standards and used technologies.

Our team combines high end technologies with knowledge of business processes, Inland Waterway Transport and the European River Information Standards (RIS), to create useful solutions for governments, skippers, barge operators, harbours, pleasure craft users and many others.

ALSIC successfully created many solutions in this area:

  • VisuRIS
  • EuRIS (COMEX-project)
  • Automation of Inland Voyage Reporting
  • Hull & Crew Database (ECDB and EHDB)
  • eRIBa (Electronic Reporting Portal)
  • Lock Planning software
  • Flanders RIS Business Intelligence System
  • Notices to Skippers
  • Calamity Abatement Support software (C@LRIS)
  • Etc.

Automatic identification system (AIS)

Over the years we developed our expertise with Automatic identification systems (AIS), an automatic tracking system using transponders on ships, used by vessel traffic services (VTS). This automated system transmits a ship’s position to make other ships aware of its position, as a supplement to radar systems and to avoid collisions. This information is also used for Vessel Traffic Services and River Information Services.

Here are some of our solutions for AIS:

  • AIS viewers
  • Filters and gateway modules (distribution)
  • Realtime geofencing and geo based security
  • Data sharing
  • Long (statistics and analysis) & short term (track overview) storage solutions
  • Analysis solutions and reporting