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Through years of engagement with a broad and changing spectrum of clients, we developed a strong expertise, allowing us to deliver advice and do extensive studies. We made several studies for the Flemish, Belgian and Dutch government and have a strong reputation for high quality documentation and respect for government and industry standards.

We have a team with the following expertise:

  • River Information Services (RIS)
  • Route/itinerary calculation for Inland Waterways
  • Lock and bridge planning
  • Corridor, shipping and traffic management
  • Logistical inland waterway processes
  • Software- en systems architecture
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Program and Project Management
  • Strategic insight in regional and international exchange of logistical data within the context of transport and inland waterways

ALSIC is actively involved in several European  work groups within CESNI/TI and more specifically the work groups for ERI and NtS, where future European technical guidelines are developed for Inland Waterways.